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    23 New York, 10 Hudson Yards.

    + (00) 1800-567-8990


    The Plastics Division of Eagle Gasket & Packing Company molds a full line of PTFE products, molded rods and cylinders, reducing waste and increasing profit. Virgin PTFE, Glass filled PTFE in 5%, 15%, 25%, and 40%, Moly/Glass, Carbon, and Bronze filled PTFE are a few of our more popular grades of materials. Eagle Plastics also offers high performance materials like Poly Ether Ether Keytone (PEEK®), Vespel, and PPS (Ryton®). We can machine all types of plastic materials such as Nylon, Delrin, Polypropylene, UHMW, PEEK®, Ryton®, and many others.

    Eagle Gasket utilizes manual as well as CNC Machinery. CNC lathes and mills offer speed and consistency for close tolerance jobs. On every part that you order from Eagle Gasket and Packing whether machined on our CNC lathes or milled on our VMC (Vertical machining center), you can be sure of the quality of your order from start to finish. High quality materials machined on high quality machinery, add up to high quality precision parts. From our state of the art CAD system our strict inspection procedures, you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality for your money.

    Eagle Gasket knows that every part we machine from washers, to valve seats, to the most intricate close tolerance part, is important to the customer that needs it. Eagle Gasket uses the same procedures on every part we machine, every time. Our Eagle Team stands prepared to help our customers select the right material and/or special packaging for the job.

    Plastic Precision Machined Parts

    Made from drawings, samples or blueprints.
    V-Packing • U-Cups • Seals • Vavle Seats
    Single Turn Back Up Rings • Bushings
    Gaskets • Spacers • Pump Parts • Bearings
    Lantern Rings • Balls

    Manual & CNC Machinery

    1/8” to 36” Diameters

    Compression Molded Materials Solid Rod or Cylinders

    Virgin PTFE/Filled PTFE Compounds
    Glass Filled • Bronze Filled • Carbon Filled
    Moly Glass Filled • Graphite Filled

    Industrial Plastics: Rod & Tube

    Delrin® • UHMW • Kynar® • Peek® • Ryton®
    Polypropylene • Polyethylene • Vespel® • PCTFE

    Sheet – Plate – Strip

    PTFE • Peek® • Ryton® • Polyethylene
    Plexiglass • Nylon • Kynar® • Phenolic • PVC
    Glass Filled PTFE • Polypropylene • CPVC