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23 New York, 10 Hudson Yards.

+ (00) 1800-567-8990

About Eagle Gasket

The Eagle Team: 

Eagle Gasket has been a leading manufacturer of gaskets, industrial seals, and compression-molded plastics for nearly 30 years. Founded in 1992, by the late Jean Faires, Eagle Gasket has built a focus around rapid response and is recognized for its ability to identify and respond quickly to the needs of customers. 

With our manufacturing center located in Northwest Houston, Eagle Gasket’s Sales and Engineering team are equipped to consult and manufacture seals and gaskets for your specific application needs. We attribute our success to a loyal client base, experienced sales forceknowledgeable staff, quality manufacturing processes, and superior customer care. 

Eagle Gasket has been a recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of gaskets, molded and machined plastics, as well as railcar seals.

  • Top distributor of superior products from Teadit®, Garlock® and Durlon®
  • Fastest service on a wide range of soft and metallic sealing products
  • Sheet products in all the popular non-asbestos lines
  • A complete line of Rubber Rolls
  • Spiral wounds in all standard sizes and fillers

Eagle’s Gasket Division:

Our Gasket Division specializes in the manufacture and distribution of the industry’s top sealing products. Our experts are available to consult and help you identify the right seal and material to use for your specific need.

Eagle’s Plastic Division:

Our Plastics Division is built up of a team of leading experts on PTFE

Our Vision



Our heart is in servicing our customer and communities



We always do the right thing and never put profits ahead of ethics



We keep our commitments and our accountable for our actions.



We understand change is the  foundation of  all the improvements and embrace it.



We believe the freedom to operate within a framework, is vital to our succes.