Quality and Service Our technical expertise, coupled with our highly automated processes, skilled craftsmanship, manufacturing processes which support ISO standards and advanced quality systems, ensures that our customers will receive the best performing product on time, each and every time Best in Class Leader in Rail Car Solutions... A recognized leader in the rail car industry for gaskets and sealing solutions. Eagle Gasket and Packaging company provides excellent customer service, competitive pricing and high quality rail car replacement parts. Our Solutions Industry Leader Gaskets, Plastics and Packaging Products... Eagle Gasket and Packaging Co. is a full-time distributor of Teddit, Garlock and Durlon materials. Have a need for special materials like Klingersil, Sealon, Flexitallic Sigma, etc.? Eagle Gasket is your source for competitive pricing with exceptional services.

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National Leader in Gaskets, Plastics and Rail Seals

Eagle Gasket and Packing Company is a national leader in the development and manufacturing of Gaskets, Plastics, Rail Seals, and numerous other sealing products. Eagle Gasket serves customers by offering some of the fastest turnarounds in the industry on a wide range of soft, hard, and metallic sealing products. Eagle is also a global distributor of a full line of products from Teadit® and Garlock®. 


Our Rail Division is renowned industry-wide for its dedication and commitment to serving the Rail car market at all levels. With unparalleled service and technical knowledge, Eagle can quickly identify compatible materials and manufacture your needed Rail Car Gasket Sets to get your cars off the rack and down the track to their destination. 


Our Gasket Division specializes in the manufacture and distribution of the industry’s top sealing products. Our experts are available to consult and help you identify the right seal and material to use for your specific need. From Industry Standard Gaskets to custom geometries, Eagle can manufacture the seals that you require. 


Our Plastics Division is built up of a team of leading experts in PTFE, RYTON, PEEK, and numerous other engineered plastics. Eagle’s unique ability to custom blend, compression mold, and machine your material from powder form to finished product allows us to make an engineered plastic tailored to your specific application.


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